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Top 6 reasons to take a private chess lesson with us in the Hamptons

1. Keeps the mind sharp throughout the summer!

2. We make chess fun and active!

3. Convenience of travel – We come to you!

4. Your child gets to learn in your own home (or backyard! Outdoor chess is fun!)

5. Convenience of schedule – your choice of day and time.

6. Best tutors from the city!

Chess at Three has an international network of Certified Storytellers (Chess Tutors) who provide one-on-one lessons or group sessions in your home.

We utilize a unique cast of characters, in fun and interactive stories; children progressively learn to play chess. Our stories focus on why chess pieces move in their own unique ways and are supported by activities that cement chess knowledge in your child’s mind.

We offer lessons during the summer in the Hamptons.

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Our Hamptons Team

Tutor Katie
Tutor Luka
Tutor Dylan
Tutor Jake
Tutor Jon
Tutor Harlan


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