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1-on-1 STARS Lessons start at $120/hr
Group STARS Lessons start at $90/hr/child*

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Top 5 reasons to take a Chess STARS lesson with us

1. Our tutor’s challenge and engage your child to fulfill their potential

2. Our lessons are creative and thought-provoking

3. We provide fun preparation for competitive chess

4. Advanced chess acumen without all the stress

5. Your child gets to collaborate and make long lasting friendships with other students

Have one of our specialized tutors come to you.

Chess at Three STARS provides one-on-one lessons or group sessions in your home or online. We utilize a unique curriculum centered on anecdotal and historical chess content that will measurably improve your student’s ability. Our lessons provide both an introduction into the world of chess and a clear track that allows experienced players to take their games to the next level.


How is this program different than current Chess at Three lessons?

The STARS program keeps in touch with Chess at Three’s narrative-based origins through the use of “anecdotal chess” content.  We believe in the great power that stories can provide for the learning process, and we want to stay true to that. This program will provide historical and anecdotal “stories” alongside advanced tactical and strategic elements to engage and challenge students.

How do I know if my student is a good fit for the program?

Any student that shows ambition/a desire to be challenged is a great fit for this program.  We believe that students who are 8 years old and up are likely ready for the program; regardless of their chess level.  It’s also a good fit for any student who would like to play in any chess tournament. We are happy to set up a call to discuss your student’s fit for this program.

Are stories taught through the STARS program?

YES! We will definitely utilize stories in our lessons.  As mentioned above, the stories we use will be more age and skill-level appropriate. Our Chess at 3 lessons use stories every lesson to teach ideas, whereas in the STARS program, the stories will be used primarily to reinforce the central theme of that session’s lesson.  Who doesn’t love a good story?!

What should I expect from my student after he/she enrolls in the STARS lessons?

We like to think of ourselves first and foremost as solution-oriented instructors. That means we are happy to provide a custom experience in regards to expectation from parents.  Each student’s skill level will be evaluated, and the instructor will partner with parent(s) and the student to set appropriate short-term and long-term goals. Overall, the STARS program is geared towards preparation for scholastic chess competitions, immersion into advanced chess curriculum, and providing age and skill level appropriate content to all students.

My student is probably ready for a more competitive curriculum, but doesn’t necessarily want to compete/take chess too seriously, should they still enroll in the program?

Yes! This program is centered around a curriculum that benefits students by matching their ability and challenging them in a fun and engaging way. Whatever your student(s) ambition, we feel that STARS is a great Chess at 3 program continuation.

Who are the instructors for the STARS program?
  • Chess at 3 takes great pride in hiring personable, enthusiastic instructors who take pride in mentoring your student(s).  The STARS instructors also possess a high-level chess acumen. We are capable to teaching your student up to 2400 (master level).
What is the content of the STARS Program lesson plans?

As mentioned, STARS lessons are centered around an idea, and use anecdotal/historical content to enhance the learning experience.  We start by giving your student a diagnostic evaluation and then we create a lesson plan based on their skill level. We use an internal benchmark system that allows us to carefully craft a plan for their chess improvement!

How can I tell if my student is ready for the jump to the STARS program?

Talk to your student(s). Ask them if they would be excited to join a special chess lesson.  If your student is 8 or older, or perhaps shows a desire to improve or push their game to the next level, then STARS is for them.  We are happy to continue the conversation on how to tell if your student is up for STARS!

Where do the lessons take place?

We have several options.  Most clients are attracted to in-home lessons where our tutors come to your home.  We also will have weekly classes available at our Upper East Side Chess Club on Madison Avenue and 93rd Street.  There’s also a “Group Lessons” Calendar you can utilize to pair your student with a group of similar skill and age-leveled students in your neighborhood.

Is there a Chess at 3 STARS Team?

Yes! We will be launching the inaugural Chess at Three STARS competitive Team this Fall.  The team will travel to local tournaments and will have a STARS coach present at all events to evaluate the games played and keep an eye on the students.

Is there a price difference for the STARS Program?

The STARS Program and Chess at 3 Lessons are comparable in price.

Can Adults participate in this Program?

Absolutely! The STARS program already serve several adult classes.  If you are interested in learning chess to keep up with your student, please let us know! It’s never too late to learn and our STARS instructors are the perfect medium for keeping up with your kids and having something fun and productive to do in your free-time with them at home.

I am a current Chess at Three Client, how do I know if this is a good fit for my student?

We view this program as a continuation for students who have taken lessons with us for a while.  If they are nearing the 7-8 age mark, or are eager to up their skill level, then this is for them!

What if the STARS program diminishes my student(s) love for the game/I’m worried about the competitive aspect of this..

This is a very natural and valid concern.  Most students who take a “competitive” chess lesson often suffer from burnout or boredom.  Our STARS program aims to completely avoid these pitfalls. STARS combines higher level chess instruction with our optimistic and personable tutors to provide the perfect mix of academia and fun!

Is the STARS program available for Schools?
  • Yes! We are always looking for new opportunities to provide in-school chess instruction.  If you think the school of your student(s)’ could be a good fit, please reach out to us!

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