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Fun, engaging role playing adventure for ages 5+

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Welcome to the world of Edu-Role Playing

Birchguard Quest is an imaginative playground created to empower young minds to critically and creatively strategize in a diversified setting. Through guided fantasy role play, students are encouraged to be the hero in their own story.

Birchguard Quest brings a wholly original and exciting take on early childhood enrichment.

An “adventure” begins as each child designs a character and chooses a “class” with an attribute they’re interested in, which they role-play throughout the adventure. 

A tutor then leads the group of characters through the Birchguard Quest story arc, where they handle challenges explicitly developed for their age group.

The challenges follow the SPA System™, including social, puzzle, and action-based encounters that test strategy, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving under fast-paced, exciting circumstances.

Each session is a part of a grander adventure, allowing students to build on prior concepts on a week-to-week basis and fine-tune, or “level up,” their characters to effectively take on more complicated quests. 

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