Introducing our December Tutor of the month, Lily!

Lily is an actor, singer, and dancer who loves to bring her artistic spirit into chess lessons! We took a moment to chat with Lily about her favorite moments with students, how she’s staying sane during this crazy time, and what makes a Chess at Three Tutor fantastic! Enjoy!

Want to hear Lily’s answer to your favorite question? Check out the time-stamped questions below!

1. How long have you worked for Chess at Three? 0:12
2. Where are you from? 0:19
3. What brought you to New York?  0:24
4. What book or show would you say is your all-time favorite? 0:40
5. What spot in NYC are you excited to visit now that we can venture into the world? 1:00
6. You mentioned Broadway Dance… do you use those skills in your lessons? 1:31
7. What is your favorite chess story from our curriculum? 1:56
8. What is your favorite moment with a student? 2:55
9. Tell us about a favorite online teaching moment? 3:56
10. How about your favorite in-person teaching moment? 5:05
11. What is helping you feel mentally sane during this time? 6:03
12. Your record has proven you’re an amazing tutor; what is your secret? 6:59
13. What has been a major “ah-ha” moment for you as a Chess at Three Tutor? 8:58


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