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Chess at Three has an international network of Certified Storytellers (Chess Tutors) who provide one-on-one lessons or group sessions in your home.

We utilize a unique cast of characters, in fun and interactive stories; children progressively learn to play chess. Our stories focus on why chess pieces move in their own unique ways and are supported by activities that cement chess knowledge in your child’s mind.

Meet our Nashville Regional Director

Meet our Nashville Regional Director

Alex Thompson

As Regional Director and teacher it has been Alex’s distinct pleasure to help Chess at Three’s students engage and grow into not only competent chess players but confident, fair-minded competitors and well-rounded young people.

As a teacher and artist, storytelling has been central to Alex’s life. A Pittsburgh native, Alex earned his MA in English Literature from the University of Louisville and has studied, taught and traveled around the world. When he’s not teaching chess, Alex can be found reading voraciously, writing and performing for stage and screen regularly, painting occasionally, and cheering for the Steelers heartily.

Of his many passions, however, teaching chess has been the most rewarding: facilitating young minds to engage this wonderful game with creativity, curiosity, logic, and above all a sense of play — skills that benefit students not only on the chess board but in life in general.

Alex would love to help bring Chess at Three’s fun, interactive curriculum to your home or school.

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– Hugh Jackman | Actor & Parent of 2

"Chess at Three is 100 percent responsible for my kids’ love of chess. We’ve had several teachers over the years; each has been wonderful and taught my kids so much. "

– Rebecca Raphael

"My seven years old twins took the chess lesson with the Chess at Three program for two years and by far I have to say it is the best chess program we've tried.

My kids are full of energy, hard to settle down, but once the chess lesson started they would learn to quiet down and concentrate. The teacher taught them step by step about the basics of chess, the strategy, and how to think ahead of time and logically. I am glad to see my kids not only learning about the basic chess rules but also thinking independently, figure out the problem by themselves. Definitely one of their favorite after school programs. I will recommend it to anyone if they ask for my opinion."

– Hua Zhong

“Thank you so much for making chess so much fun! He absolutely LOVES it.”

– Lauren Zucker

"Chess at Three is incredible! Our boys absolutely love the game and almost beg to play!. Our tutor makes it so fun and engaging for them it's the highlight of their week! I wish I had access to something like this when I was their age! We need chess at 30 and 40 too!"

– Elizabeth Shaoul

“Chess at Three is the best! We love having our tutor as part of our family life all this time”

– Natalia Macias

“Chess at Three is fantastic - my children can't wait for their lessons, our teacher is so warm, fun and engaging, and they are already beating me at chess!”

– Serena Steinberg

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