Chess at Three is delighted to announce our May Tutors of the Month! 

We proudly honor Caitlin from Oregon, McKenna from Utah, and Oliver from New York.

Chess at Three has a very large pool of smart and talented educators. We have successfully transitioned to online lessons since schools shut down and our in-home lessons have come to a halt. Like all of our tutors, these three amazing teachers work hard every day to bring live, online classes to your home and the joy of learning to each student. They each teach chess, as well as our new music curriculum.

If you are interested in setting up group or private lessons, please let us know. Feel free to pass this along to a friend! It’s important to keep our children engaged with fun stories while at the same time implementing structure and a bit of normalcy during this season of alternative learning. 

Now, let’s learn more about our May Tutors of the Month and what makes them special!

What is your favorite chess story from our curriculum?

McKenna My favorite story is the bishops’ tale from the Core Curriculum; not only does it tackle a tough concept, but the characters must grapple with strong emotions and learn to deal with them while working towards a goal. 

What is your favorite virtual teaching moment? 

Caitlin Online teaching has been really wonderful so far. I think my favorite moments so far might have been just seeing my students for the first time on Zoom. It’s been really sweet to reunite with them after we’ve all gone through changes and they have been really happy to see a familiar face and continue their lessons. 

What spot in NYC are you excited to visit when we are allowed to?

Oliver I’m really excited to be inside a theater full of people again once we don’t have to social distance anymore.

What is your favorite moment with a Chess at Three student?

McKenna A favorite teaching moment of mine was discovering a student’s love for stuffed animals. We spent the next hour teaching her stuffy bunny the new chess piece; the student not only retained more than in previous lessons but ran to the door to meet me the next week because she was so excited. 

Caitlin – One of my first students told me he was having so much fun that he wanted to have two lessons a week. It was really sweet to have that happen at the beginning to see how much of a positive impact chess can make on a child’s life and how fun it really is for them!

What makes you a great Chess at Three ONLINE teacher?

Oliver I approach each lesson as an opportunity to try new things, learn, and get better as a tutor: How can I be more engaging with my storytelling onscreen this time? How can I facilitate a group lesson with a better flow than last week so it’s like we’re all in a room together? I try to be as patient and generous as possible, both with myself and my students – we’re all figuring this out in real time, and every day is an improvement over the one before.

Caitlin – I have found that online teaching is really special. Since I don’t have to carry things around with me, I’ve been using props to tell stories. I have stuffed animals, finger puppets, food – all sorts of surprises during the stories to keep my students engaged, and they look forward to seeing what’s going to pop up next. I also think that, in general, the patience I have with my students contributes to my success as both an online and in-person tutor. 

What book, movie or show have you loved during the quarantine?

McKenna I am currently reading The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, and watching too much Critical Role and Frozen II.

What is helping you stay mentally healthy during this time?

Oliver I make it a point to get outside, whether for a socially distanced walk or run, for at least 30 minutes every day, rain or shine.  The fresh air and springtime remind me that the world keeps spinning, and that this too shall pass.

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