It is SUMMER! And it’s time for Chess at Three to announce the Tutor of the Month for July: Jessica. Jessica is a native New Yorker, raised in the Bronx. She’s been amazing at shifting to virtual lessons over the past few months and her flexibility combined with her amazing teaching skills are what make her our July Tutor of the Month. Let’s learn some more about Jessica!

What book or show have you loved during the quarantine? 

The book that I have loved during quarantine has been The Power of Broke by Daymond John; the show I’ve loved is Avatar: The Last Airbender.

What spot in NYC are you excited to visit now that we are allowed to venture into the world?

I am a member of the New York Botanical Garden and it is my favorite place in NYC; I am most excited for the garden reopening.

Favorite chess story from our curriculum?

My favorite story in the curriculum is the knights’ story.

Favorite moment with a student?

My favorite moment was when my four-year-old student placed second in her first tournament.  

A favorite online teaching moment? 

My favorite online teaching moment was when my four-year-old student took a long pause in making a move and said it was because he was thinking of his next move. I love witnessing critical thinking.

A favorite in-person teaching moment? 

My favorite in-person teaching moments are the hugs and the excitement my students display for chess.

What is helping you feel sane during this time?

Focusing on my wellness and healing has kept me sane during this time. I practice prayer, meditation, and yoga. I am part of healing and motivating circles via Zoom. I practice fitness daily and find joy in simple things. I believe in utilizing wellness tools daily and I especially believe in challenges.  

Your record has proven you’re an amazing tutor, what is your secret?

My secret is being empathetic, kind, and patient. Working with children requires you to bring your best self and 100% of your focus into the present moment. My students inspire me with their vibrant and loving energy.

What was the “ah-ha” moment when you realized working for Chess at Three wasn’t just a job but something you loved to do?

The leadership that can be developed while playing chess is one of my favorite components of the game. I develop leadership and wellness programming for young adults and the language, plus the energy of chess, resonates with me deeply.


Thanks Jessica, we’re lucky to have you on the team!




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