August Tutor of the Month — Winnie

It is still SUMMER! And it’s time for Chess at Three to announce the Tutor of the Month for August: Winnie! Winnie came to New York City in 2019 to pursue comedy, so naturally she has all her students bursting with laughter during her virtual lessons! Let’s learn more about Winnie.


What spot in NYC are you excited to visit now that we are allowed to venture into the world?

I can’t wait to watch live theatre and comedy shows again!

Favorite chess story from our curriculum?

I love Clip and Clop’s story because it’s fun to do the little dance. 

Favorite moment with a student?

I loved watching one of my students get so excited about pawn racing and transform every single one of her pawns into a queen!

Favorite online teaching moment? 

A student and I were on the same team, playing against the computer, and she figured out how to beat it on her own by using a skewer move. It was wonderful to see how proud she was of herself! 

Your record has proven you’re an amazing tutor — what is your secret?

Doing silly voices for each character during the stories 🙂

What was the “ah-ha” moment when you realized working for Chess at Three wasn’t just a job but something you loved to do?

When I found myself really looking forward to each lesson and wanting to teach all my friends and family how to play!


Thanks, Winnie, we’re lucky to have you!




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