Dylan Heister

The Chess at Three November Tutor of the Month is our new Director of the Hong Kong Market: Dylan Hiester!

Dylan Hiester is one of our most enthusiastic, energetic, loving, creative, and compassionate tutors. As of November 1st, Dylan will be teaching and directing  Chess at Three Hong Kong.

Here’s some fun info on Dylan:

Where are you from: I am originally from Conifer, Colorado but New York has always been in my bones.

What’s your favorite book?

My favorite book is in a trilogy from Cixin Liu called the Three Body Problem. My personal favorite is the last one, Death’s End. It is a story about humanity’s expansion into the universe after the harrying encounters with other civilizations.


What’s your favorite story in the Chess at Three Curriculum?

My favorite story from the curriculum is the Spell of the Blue Bell! I love an epic story that leaves children on a cliffhanger each week. This was the first long-form story I told about an evil spell that makes everyone forget how to play chess and our hero’s journey to teach a lesson to a grumpy king about poor sportsmanship. It has always had a special place in my heart.


What’s your favorite moment as a teacher?

My favorite moment with a student was a great girl and natural chess talent named Halle. I remember her looking at me and saying, “I don’t want you to ever let me win. Play your hardest!” I told her it was going to be tough for a while, and learning to cope with losing a lot is an important skill. She never relented and after about a year she won a game. She looked at me shocked and asked “is this real?”  When I told her I had been trying my hardest and she had legitimately beat me, her smile was one of the biggest and brightest I’ve ever seen. I will never forget that moment!


What will you bring to Chess at Three Hong Kong?

My greatest attribute at becoming an excellent Chess at Three tutor is my enthusiasm. Always having high energy and excitement for the game as well as a genuine interest in whomever I am teaching makes the experience so magical and fun. Kids love to joke around and goof, but making sure to always listen to them and treat them with the same respect you would an adult helps make chess something they want and enjoy. If they associate chess with fun and time with someone who they enjoy, respect, and who respects them, then they will always love chess and that’s the whole point!


Thanks Dylan! If you’d like to get chess in your home or school in Hong Kong click here.


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