Chess is the purest form of mental weightlifting there is

Constant calculation and deep concentration are the main ingredients in successful chess. Very quickly anyone who starts to play chess will notice an increase in mental fitness.

Here are 4 concrete ways chess has been proven to benefit:

Creative problem solving

Chess is an ever changing complex puzzle that needs to be solved using creative thinking. Players must imagine all the possibilities in order to predict the opponents moves and the consequences of those moves.

Working memory and storage

To play chess well, you have to learn to expand working memory capacity to hold a plan for several offensive moves while at the same time holding a memory of how the opponent could respond to each of the moves.

Concentration and focus

Being immersed in a game of chess will require you to concentrate your thoughts on the positioning of each piece as they relate to the big picture. This will stimulate the mind constantly and improve the ability to focus on a task in a stressful environment.

Strategic thinking and coordination

Playing chess requires a player to approach the game with a specific strategy in mind. The strategy of the game may change as the game progresses, this requires the pieces to be coordinated to support the overall strategy of the game.