chess to a younger generation than ever before...available now

Chess at three's story-based Curriculum is a collection of fun stories that teaches chess to 3-10 year olds. Before now, chess education traditionally began at 8 or as early as 7, Chess at three gets 3 year olds, playing and loving chess.

These simple stories teach kids how to play chess without them knowing they're learning. The Rules of chess are usually too abstract for 3 year olds to grasp, there are too many of them, and some of the rules are too complicated. These stories give reasons why these rules in chess exist, Kings don't move one square at a time, they move slow. One king moves slow because his belly is so big, and one moves slow because he's afraid of everything. Kids just follow these memorable stories, and without knowing it, start to play chess.

Curriculum Options

  • In-Home Chess at Three Bundle
  • Official Chess at Three Tournament Board and Pieces
  • The 3rd Edition of Chess at Three's 20- Lesson Curriculum
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  • Official Chess at Three Tournament Board and Pieces for all your classrooms
  • The 3rd Edition of Chess at Three's 20- Lesson Curriculum, for all your teachers
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"Chess at Three's new approach to teaching young children the complex strategies of chess are simply genius! Chess at Three has taken the complexity of understanding the rules and unfamiliar names of the pieces and it converted it into a simple, story form for children as young as 3 to understand and immediately comprehend."

- Michael McCurdy, Co-founder

Playing chess with Chess at Three is living chess. You become the pawn, the King, the Queen, the Bishop, the Rook, and the Knight. With every story told you embody that chess piece. I have watched my kids live out loud on the chess board, conceiving moves, making crucial decisions and displaying the courage of their convictions. Life lessons taught on a black and white mat. Priceless.

- Kathryn Briggs Gordon